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Microsoft vs. Google: Who will be King of the Mail Hill?

Microsoft and Google are fighting for the email territory.
Some days ago, Google started a campaign to promote GMail.
2 videos have been released by Google.
The first one recommends to make the switch from the “email address you got when you first started using the Internet”to a GMail address.


The second one to help existing Gmail users launch an email intervention to make their friends switch to GMail.


Today, a Microsoft sales video from the Microsoft Global Exchange Sales Conference leaked.
In the video, Microsoft presents the GMail Man, reading everyone’s email to serve them irrelevant ads based on keywords found in their correspondance.

Did the Microsoft video really “leak” or is this some kind of undercover viral campaign?
In any case, the war is not over.

Digital Marketing articles you could have read on April 29, 2011

Here are the story I’ve read today (since I wasn’t at the royal Wedding) and that you might find interesting:

Twitter app permissions
ReadWriteWeb has a story about the new, more detailed login screen for Twitter apps that gives more details about what the app can do with your account but also explains that “a few key permissions are omitted from this screen”

Serious game
James Fallows writes about the return of Clippy
for The Atlantic. Microsoft’s annoying paperclip is back to teach you how to use Microsoft Office through a game called Ribbon Hero 2. I haven’t been able to test it yet since we’re still using Office 2003 at work =) Anyway, this might be a good example of a “serious game” that I might try if I can find some time at home.

Creating content for SEO
Search Engine Land tells us more about creating true great and unique content to improve ranking in SERPs. It’s always been difficult for most companies to understand that what web users find interesting is not exactly what their marketing or communication teams find interesting.
The related entries at the end of the article are well worth a look too.

Social Commerce Today confronts two articles about F-Commerce
. The articles are from Econsultancy and Computing Magazine and have a different point of view on Facebook ‘s possibilities for e-commerce.

SEO & Social Media
And finally, a video you could watch, SEOMoz’s Whiteboard friday about Correlation Data for SEO and Social Media Analysis. Rand Fishkin explains the correlation between high rankings in SERPs and the number of incoming links and Facebook shares your pages get.