Complaining about the world wide web … on the world wide web

Isn’t that funny?
Well, I will not exactly complain about the Internet but more about the way some companies, advertisers and agencies see and use the web.
I’ve been working on SEM, SIM, Traffic building, performance and web analytics in different agencies for the past 8 years and have seen lots of websites. Some were good,online gaming some were excellent but some were just pure marketing crap, nonsense for users… And that bothered me like hell.

Anyway, what I’ll try to do here (besides writing in a correct English) is talking about my experience, past and present/future.
I guess my present/future experience will be slightly different since I’m now joining the advertiser side of the web gaming.
Maybe I’ll understand why most advertisers have so much difficulties getting it. Maybe I’ll be able to help my new employee getting it faster.
That’s what I’ll try to do.

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Hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog.

PS: I know I need to work on the theme but don’t have any idea at the moment.

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Gaetan Bertin, Digital Media Strategist evolving in the web industry since 2000. Expert in Media, Search Marketing and Web Analytics