What would make me pay $100 per year for Google Analytics?

This post is an answer to Eric Peterson’s post Would you pay $100 per year for Google Analytics?
I recommend reading his post and the comments, there are some interesting stuff.

I don’t see the point in charging for GA.
As a potential european customer, I think that fees, even as low as $100/year, would require Google to make 2 important (and probably costly) changes:
– sales team: In France, nobody’s in charge of “selling” GA. When you ask Google about GA, they tell you to call partner agencies.
– support: If I’m paying, I need some help when something goes wrong. Every tool I’ve been paying for on the Internet, even low price tools, offer some support. Why wouldn’t Google do the same?

Another point was talked about in one of the comments of Eric’s post: big European companies want their data to be in Europe or have some strong proofs that the Safe Harbor certification & secrutiy of their data is ensured.
Google would need to have security & legal teams ready to talk to customers to prove them everything will be fine.

One last thing: Don’t forget that the data they gather through GA (which they probably use, at least, to study user habits & behaviors) is of high value for Google to keep on improving their offers.

In the end, the cost vs. revenue might not be good enough for Google to begin charging for GA.
But I might be wrong.

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