Nofollow on Twitter apps links. Why not DoFollow Verified Accounts links?

The trick to get DoFollow links from Twitter no longer works.
Looks like my article made too much noise, which is actually strange and fascinating at the same time since I just launched my blog this week, don’t have any audience and only had like 50 followers on Twitter when I published it.
Anyone still having doubts about the power of Social Media? ; )

Anyway, that just make the trick useless for SEO BUT it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep on using it to advertise your website.
It still creates links to your website that Twitter users can see and visit without using a single character from the precious 140 of your status updates.

In fact, I agree with Adrian’s comment on David Naylor’s blog, it’s a right move from Twitter since whenever someone posts from tweetdeck, seesmic or any other Twitter client, they don’t endorse the client’s website. It’s just a tool they are using.
The links they endorse are the one they post in their updates which, of course, can’t be DoFollow as they would be to easy to abuse.

But I think Twitter misses a point there. They are granting “Verified Accounts” to their most popular users. Which means they know them and reckon their value for the Twitter community. So why not grant them the “DoFollow attribute” on the links they post in their updates?
Any Verified Account who would abuse the system by monetizing it would be easily identifiable and could be downgraded to a normal account.

I have to admit that the hundreds of links Ashton Kutcher posts every week may not all be worth a Dofollow but hey… no system is perfect.

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